From classics to modern times

On March 24 from 19-00 the famous piano performances, verses and a historical excursion to Pushkin Petersburg will be performed in our restaurant

What's more!
Laureate of international competitions Adel Yungholz (soprano) will present a new music program From ancient classics to the present "And again all about love"
You can order a table by phone. 312-60-57


New Year's Eve Menu


 For guests of restaurant "Literary Cafe"

May 9th, 19:00
In concert program «Victory Day»
will participate
Honored Artist of Russia Alexandr Kagan
Performance of master of artistic expression
Nina Kashevaya
Laureates of international competitions
Adelle Ungholtz (soprano)
Sergei Rozhkov (baritone)
Concertmaster Dina Kaminskaya
Yakov Marr – violin
In concert program you will hear famous compositions.


New Year's Eve in the historic restaurant "Literary Cafe" With all the courtesy invite esteemed ladies and gentlemen meet the New Year in the historic restaurant Petersburg! 

From 22:30 to dawn. Especially for our guests:

Festive table with rich menyu prescription of the 19th century

-Atmosferu Holiday, fun and just a good mood create professional leading New Year's Eve

- Congratulations to Santa Claus

- Holiday program virtuoso pianist

- Fairy-tale characters for magic and unforgettable fun.

- Contests and prizes from incendiary leading

- Ancient songs, excerpts from operettas and popular vocal works performed by the winner of international competitions Adele Jungholz

-Stage Famous and unforgettable show-ballet "Anfeya." Lovely dancers will demonstrate colorful rooms filled with incredible energy.
-Interactive Gypsy dance show

-Balalayka With Russian folk

favorite songs in the original arrangement will make every one to dance.

-Didzheyc New Year disco till morning

Ticket price: 7900 rubles per person

   Christmas menyu historic restaurant "Literary Cafe"


1 Holiday Olivier language

  2 Voldorf with pine nuts, celery and squid with tangerine sauce.

  3.Priyatneyshaya spicy salted herring, wrapped shuboyu of potatoes, beets, eggs and

grated apples.


1.Rybnaya plate with smoked sturgeon, salmon chef ambassador at mashed red cabbage and fennel mousse

  2 Meat assemblage with cream of celery, sweet pine cones and jelly beet.

  3 Tar - Tar veal with potato chips, vegetables and cranberry sauce

  4 beet carpaccio with crab and caviar

  Hot starter:

Fish souffle in savoy cabbage mash of baked apple

  Hot dishes to choose from optional gourmet gentlemen:

1 zavorazhennaya Salmon with beetroot mash of cauliflower

  2.Medalony of veal with zucchini and berry confiture

  For dessert, we offer you to taste

Semifredo chocolate with pistachios and jellies made from goat's milk, prepared for the occasion, our friendly confectioners

Additions and whims:

Canape with salmon caviar,

Fruit Trio: pineapple, mandarin oranges, grapes

Bread basket.

Champagne and juice with no restrictions




Business lunch



Classical music

Over the years, the legendary literary cafe classical music, performed by Honored Artist of Russia and other Petersburg musicians. Royal, Russian romances and excerpts from famous operettas have become integral parts of our music evenings.

And surely we try to make to the oldest restaurant Petersburg something new. We are pleased to inform you, dear guests, that on Saturdays the restaurant "Literary Cafe" you can enjoy the elegant and refined sounding harp performed by the winner of international competitions Victoria Lobachevoj.


 Chamber music concert "Baroque" 

On June 28, 2014 at 19:00 a concert of chamber music "Baroque" performed by the winners of international competitions:

Yakov Marr - violin

Dean Kaminska - Piano

In the present and in addition to the daily literary and musical evenings for guests of the historic restaurant "Literary Cafe" opens a new cycle of Saturday music program "From classic to contemporary"

In the concert program will include well-known musical masterpieces.


June 6 at 19:00

Literary and musical concert program devoted to

birthday of Alexander Pushkin.

In the performance of the best artists of St. Petersburg,

includes works of classical music.

Poems read master of artistic expression

Nina Koshevaya,

romances and arias performed by winners of international competitions

Adele Jungholz (soprano)

Sergei Rozhkov (baritone)


winners of international competitions

Dean Kaminska and Alexei Fedorov

  Esteemed ladies and gentlemen of the order of tables in the literary-musical evening in the historic restaurant kindly ask trouble in advance, the number of available seats is limited.

Tel. 312-60-57


Update menu

We have the honor to inform Fr. Gurmanov that in our restaurant in the spring updated menu under the guidance of our renowned chefs three restaurants. You can taste delicious dishes based on old recipes, especially for their preparedness is purchased various meat and fish from our exclusive suppliers. Deign vidtet, and offer a new wine list.

After the holidays arrive real Russian herbal teas.

Seeing all this splendor, our metrodoteli with waiters changed outfit.


Update menu

As a gift for the guests of the restaurant "Literary Cafe" every evening are the winners of international competitions with the new program


March 8 

 8 March 19-00 as a gift for the guests of the restaurant's historic Literary Cafe performance of the best Artists Petersburg scene. Will feature vocal works of various genres, instrumental music, historical review and poetry love poetry. All guests on March 8 feast of chefs with a glass of champagne.

 Table reservation by phone. 312-60-57


News of the music menu historic restaurant "Literary Cafe" 



February 28 at 19:00 in the concert program as a gift for the guests of the restaurant are the virtuoso pianist Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Kagan and winner of international competitions Adele Jungholz (soprano).

 Will feature popular music, excerpts from classical arias and operettas songs from movies. 


On February 23, Fatherland Defender's Day, we invite all men with their ladies in the most historic restaurant Petersburg. 

Restaurant "Literary Cafe" - a place with history, where zahazhivali military officials in the 19th century: Mikhail Lermontov, Ivan Leo and other famous people of the time.

 February 23 to all men - a compliment from the chef: hrenovuha and appetizer!

 Tincture on horseradish-known in Russia for a long time. So, Peter I in the early XVIII century decreed that in every courtyard should be 5 quarters shitty vodka, especially for those people who are engaged in hard labor, and lives in the cold.

From classic to contemporary 

In the next few days in the Restaurant "Literary Cafe" will feature well-known pieces of music, poetry and historical excursion in Pushkin's Petersburg. Laureate of international competitions Adele Jungholz (soprano) will present a new program of music from old classics to the present, "And again all about love."

We are waiting for you!

book a table by phone .: 8 (812) 312 60 57 


 February 14 

In Valentine's Day, the restaurant "Literary Cafe" invites for a romantic dinner by candlelight. You expect - live music performed by the best artists of the St. Petersburg scene, poetry love poetry concert of Russian romances and contemporary vocal compositions, performance dance group show-ballet "Anfeya" new dessert menu, Compliment from the chef, and as always, we are happy to arrange an unforgettable evening in honor of the holiday, you immerse yourself in an atmosphere of comfort, love and romance. 


January 27 literary-musical evening 

a favorite place of the great writers and poets invited for an unforgettable literary and musical evening dedicated to the memory of a fatal duel with pistols between chamberlain Pushkin and lieutenant Baron Georges de Gekkern (Dantes). The duel was held on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, near the Black River near the Commandant's cottage.

 V19.00 will feature unique melodies of classical music.

 At 19.30 - you can hear a unique insight into the secrets of the legendary duel, to learn the details and the reasons for, and hear what is not written in the Internet. For you to perform the best artists of St. Petersburg scene.

 At 21.00 - will feature songs and other vocal works of Pushkin's time.

 Reservations by phone: 312-60-57 


The poster for the winter

 2nd floor - a literary and musical evening: poetry, historical excursion in the era of Alexander Pushkin, piano music, songs

Sunday at 19:00

2nd floor - Piano recital and evening of Russian romance. Magic sound of vocal works by the best masters of the St. Petersburg scene

Monday at 19:00

2nd floor - Piano recital and evening of Russian romance. Magic sound of vocal works by the best masters of the St. Petersburg scene

Tuesday at 19:00

2nd floor - Piano recital and evening of Russian romance. Magic sound of vocal works by the best masters of the St. Petersburg scene

Wednesday at 19:00

2nd floor - Piano recital and evening of Russian romance. Magic sound of vocal works by the best masters of the St. Petersburg scene

Thursday at 19:00

2nd floor - Evening of Russian Romances and piano music

Friday at 19:00

2nd floor - literary-musical evening: songs with piano accompaniment, lyrics and historical excursion in the age of Pushkin's Petersburg 


New Year's Eve at the restaurant "Literary Cafe" 

Ticket price: 7900 rubles.

With all the courtesy invite mnogouvazhaemyh ladies and gentlemen meet the New Year in the historic restaurant Petersburg! From 22.00 to 06.00

Especially for our guests:

-pozdravlenie Santa Claus,

-konkursy and prizes from the fiery leader,

-romansy piano accompaniment and accordion

-Stage show-ballet "Anfeya"

-gadaniya from hereditary gypsy



New Year's menu in the restaurant "Literary Cafe" 


 Peasant salat with three kinds of cheese 1/100

 Salad with green beans and tuna hundredth

 Layered salad with pork and avocado 1/100


 Rolled eggplant with rikkotoy and orange 1/100

 Egg roll with smoked sprats hundredth

 Jellied meat hundredth

 Hot starter:

 Rack of lamb with pear flambe 1/150/45

 Hot dishes to choose from optional gourmet gentlemen:

 Chicken breast in lemon sauce with zucchini 150/100/50

 Rolls of veal with asparagus 150/100/50

 For dessert, we offer you to taste biscuit roll with condensed milk, prepared for the occasion, our friendly confectioners hundredth

 Additions and whims:

 Profiteroles with mousse of smoked salmon with caviar 2 pcs.

 Fruit Duet: tangerines and grapes 300g

 Bread basket


 Juice and champagne with no restrictions! 


Forbidden fruit is sweet 

At the same time a popular expression in the wine list of the restaurant back Georgian drinks after years of ban on them. These wonderful southern wines are not inferior in quality winemaking world leaders, such as France or Italy, and their excellent taste famous for its history.

 For example, the famous Saperavi having mahleb flavor and vanilla with hints of ripe grapes, due to the name of a famous writer Alexander Griboyedov. Legend has it that this wine has helped him to ask for the hand of Princess Nina Chavchavadze beauties. Much later Griboyedov wife admitted that on the auspicious day is a sip of wine gave him the determination and courage. Just for fans of semi-sweet wine, we are pleased to offer "Alazani Valley", which is made with 1977 varieties of grapes Aleksandreuli, Ojaleshi, Saperavi and still pleased with its unique taste and aroma.

 And for those who are driving or just does not want to drink alcoholic beverages, we have a real Georgian mineral water "Borjomi", filled with healing properties and has a rich history. In 1841, the governor of the king Golovin cured his daughter Catherine. And the glory of this joyful event prospered healing power and called his name cured. This is the source of Catherine, where archaeologists in 1912-13 during excavations at a depth of seven meters found ancient stone baths dating from the I century AD. This fact confirms that the Borjomi mineral water, as healing, was known to the ancient people.

 Saperavi (dry red)

150 ml 300 rubles

750 ml 1500 rubles

Alazanskaya Valley (sweet red or white semisweet)

150 ml of 270 rubles.

750 ml of RUB 1,350.

Borjomi - mineral water, filled with healing properties.

500 ml 120 rubles. 


A dinner, a hearty lunch or a nutritious breakfast for tourists 

Literary Cafe since Soviet times collaborating with tour operators and in this case we are real professionals. Every day we serve tour groups and are known for fast, and above all quality work. Large selection of integrated tourist breakfasts, lunches and dinners and team of craftsmen leave only pleasant memories of the most historic restaurant Petersburg. Guides also do not leave unattended. With the tourist menu can be seen in the group Vkontakte:

Please send your application to mail: or in social networks: c indicating the desired date and time. 


Dishes with these wild mushrooms 

  We are glad to inform the esteemed gentlemen gourmet dining, the restaurant "Literary Cafe" serves with these wild mushrooms collected good foresters. For lovers of Russian dishes suitable buckwheat porridge with stewed fruit with hints of porcini white truffle, served with a pair of fast-pancakes or soup Potazh-porcini mushrooms, seasoned sour cream, parsley and green onions. And for fans overseas will provide foods kindly king crab delivered via friends from the shores tihookeanskih, baked with mushrooms and pom-de-proof operation. 


 Farm products 

   The restaurant "Literary Cafe" presented dishes when cooking that do not use frozen foods and artificial additives. Fish, vegetables, meat, milk - are not subjected to freezing and every day we deliver only environmentally friendly and high-quality products to create tasty, and most importantly useful culinary and confectionery masterpieces.

 Preserving the native Russian tradition, the chef of the restaurant "Literary Cafe" uses old recipes for cooking. And of course, like a true connoisseur of Russian cuisine cares about the health of his guests and the restaurant uses only natural products that do not contain artificial colors or preservatives. After all, it is no secret that organic food - health and longevity. In recent years, a growing demand for farm products is many people do not look at the price and quality, realizing that health - this is what you can not buy. 


Banquets in the historic restaurant Petersburg 

We occasion of weddings, banquets, graduations and any other celebrations associated with significant events in your life! We give musical score, author cake and other gifts. You can request to hold the event on the mail or call 952-41-04, with the date, number of persons and the indicative budget for this person. Once we receive all the necessary information, our banquet manager will contact you beforehand by sending individually selected menu just for your event! 



June 19, 2013 Restaurant "Literary Cafe" hosted a delegation of political leaders from China, on a visit to St. Petersburg, the head of which was the first vice-premier of the State Council Zhang Gaoli. 


Europe and China - a priority. At the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg today, the first Summit. Russian President Vladimir Putin and First Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council of China, Zhang Gaoli - as stressed by both, in a friendly atmosphere - discussed the prospects of Russian-Chinese relations in the coming decade. First of all, it's an extension of joint work in the Energy and Commerce as well as the growth of mutual investments. Vladimir Putin offered subject to think about the cooperation in the field of high technologies. We are talking also about the construction of the pipeline to increase the export of Russian oil to China. There are already specific projects.

 And before that, Vladimir Putin welcomed forum Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rygge. The conversation was about the development of trade relations. In terms of trade - it is estimated at $ 82 billion, the Netherlands - our biggest partner in Europe. Well, at this moment continues to meet with members of the Russian leader's business summit of the Big Twenty. They presented Vladimir Putin its solutions to global problems. This, in particular, the plan to combat unemployment, which in some European countries is through the roof - especially among young people. The final recommendations of the business summit will give the heads of state G20, their meeting is scheduled in St. Petersburg, too, this fall. 


We hasten to please our dear guests, that with the onset of summer, our menu appeared traditional summer dishes of Russian cuisine: 

Okroshka summer with the freshest vegetables, seasoned with homemade kvass supplemented sour cream and herbs 395 p. Cold soup with fresh vegetables, served with sour cream 395 p. Home refreshing brew 155 p.


Restaurant "Literary Cafe": a person places 

Guests can surprise delights of the kitchen, dishes from the chef, prepared according to old recipes or unique wines, selected the best sommelier. But it is not no secret that the service is one of the most important components of the restaurant. The waiter - is by no means unimportant mechanism in the food world. In the famous "Literary" you will never meet girls with unkempt black manicure or young people in torn jeans. 

Waiters of the restaurant's historic St. Petersburg - a specially trained people who know all about the service, cuisine and wines.

 The wait staff of the restaurant "Literary Cafe" - a calling card and places a person in a perfectly ironed shirt and polished shoes. They are able to lift your mood, help with food choices, to tell all the new wine list. 

  Mardi Gras at the Literary Cafe with 11 to 17 March 

Just like old times ...

   If you like meat pancakes, then you are welcome to taste with boiled pork and mushrooms, tender meat or with chicken. For lovers of fish dishes, we have a special pancakes with caviar or salmon. And, of course, sweet pancakes, be it with honey and sour cream, condensed milk, as a child, with homemade jam or fruit variety. 


  Spring mood for the lovely ladies at the Literary Cafe

We inform you with all courtesy, March 8, all the ladies compliments from the chef: a glass of champagne and designer dessert made in our candy store!

 And also a little spring warmth will give you artists Literary Cafe:

 talented musician Alexander Ivashkevich (1st floor)

 2nd floor:

Petersburg show-ballet "Anfeya"

Literary legend cafe pianist Alexei Fedorov

incomparable performer of Russian romances and excerpts from operettas Adele Jungholz

master of artistic expression with the stories of the history of the Literary Cafe

 312-60-57 (2nd floor)

 Starting at 19.00 


Literary evening in the former confectionery Wolf and Beranger

  On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays we give you

a fascinating excursion into the history of the Literary Cafe from 1816 ...

Sound poems by St. Petersburg masters

artistic expression.

  Starting at 19:30

Reservations by phone: 312-60-57 


February 23 to all men - a compliment from the chef: hrenovuha and appetizer! 

  Literary Cafe - a place with history, where zahazhivali military officials in the 19th century:

 Mikhail Lermontov, Ivan Leo and other famous men of the day: Alexander Pushkin,

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Ivan Krylov ...

 On February 23, Fatherland Defender's Day, we invite all men with their

ladies in the most historic restaurant Petersburg.

 February 23 to all men - a compliment from the chef: hrenovuha and appetizer! 


Musical program featuring the best of St. Petersburg musicians, performers and artists

artistic expression. 


  Elegance and classic arfistskih strings

Harp - a very rare musical instrument in the world today, and not in every restaurant

it can be heard, such as the piano or violin.

Dear guests, for their considerable history Literary Cafe surprise you in many

events whether it delights of chef or a virtuoso performance of masterpieces

classical music.

   And again, in anticipation of spring and warmth we are pleased to inform you that on Friday at 19.30

 February 22 at the legendary house on Nevsky, 18 you can enjoy the elegant and

spectacular sounding harp.

 Reservations by phone: 312-60-57


"Literary Cafe" Love Story February 14 

Become a part of history, as long as eternity ...

   Gifts, surprises and compliments to all lovers of the "Literary Cafe"

 A glass of champagne «Madam pompadour» and author dessert made in our pastry shop in a gift with an advance reservation for a table:

 312-60-57 (2nd floor, restaurant)

 And especially for you: romantic atmosphere, candles, dances, live sound of saxophone and piano from 19.30 to 23.00 on the 1st floor "Literary Cafe"

 Performance by the legendary show-ballet "Anfeya" magical sounds of the piano and songs about love from the best performers from St. Petersburg on the 2nd floor "Literary Cafe"


  Call 312-60-57 and make on any weekday (except public holidays) from 12.00 to 17.00: 

Drinking Festival 1400r. per person instead of 2800r.

Per person four dishes of cold appetizers to choose from:

Salads to choose from:

1.Olive 1/150 salmon (salmon, potatoes, pickled cucumbers, peas, egg, mayonnaise).

2.Grechesky 1/150 (feta cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, olives, iceberg, olive oil)

3.Frantsuzsky with grapes 1/150 (pork, tongue, cucumbers, grapes, mayonnaise).

Cold appetizers to choose from:

1.Losos chief -posola 100/15/2

2.Ruletiki "Lilienthal" (ham, cheese, garlic, mayonnaise, parsley).

3.Ruletiki zucchini with cheese and paprika 150/2

4.Ruletiki trout

One hot starters to choose from:

1.Zhulen with chicken and mushrooms 1/75

2.Antreme mushroom hundredth

One hot dish to choose from:

1.Otbivnaya "Lyceum" on crouton 100/10/50/2

2.Govyadina brass 100/50/50/2

3.Sudak shrimp sauce 150/50/2

4.Kura stuffed with ham and cheese 170/2/50

 One side dish to choose from:

1.Kartofel "Duchesse" 1/150 (mashed potatoes baked in the oven).

2.Rizotto 1/150 (rice, corn, tomatoes, greens).

3.Ovoschnoe stew 1/150 (zucchini, eggplant, peppers, onions).

4 Bread, butter

One dessert to choose from:

1.Morozhenoe syrup 1/100

2.Shtrudel with ice cream 1/100

Alcoholic beverages to choose from:

Wine (300 ml.) Or vodka (100ml).

Drink tea or coffee to choose milk.

Mineral water (glass) 1bottle. (0.5 l.)



January 27 - Day of Remembrance of the fateful duel 

January 27 will be held on the day of memory fatal duel between Alexander Pushkin and Georges de Gekkern (Dantes). At 19.30 - you can hear a unique insight into the secrets of the legendary duel, to learn the details and the reasons for, and hear what is not written in the Internet. For you to perform the best of St. Petersburg artists and historical figures. From 19.00 - will play the piano. For you will hear the unique melodies of classical music. At 21.00 - Honored Artists of Russia and winners of international competitions will perform songs of Pushkin's time. Reservations by phone: 312-60-57 


"Literary Cafe" gives gifts when ordering a banquet, wedding or other celebration. 


Mark a significant event in your life in the most historic restaurant Petersburg!

   Dear Sirs, foodies, restaurant "Literary Cafe" invites you to mark a significant event be it a wedding, birthday or other special occasions.

   We offer you a variety of options for the banquet menu from 1000 rubles per person.

   A large selection of hot and cold snacks whether pickles home salting pleasant, delicate mixture of fish or hearty meat cuts. Fine dishes hot, the preparation of which you can personally witness directly in the restaurant: duck flambe with cognac with caramelized oranges and honey or apple barbecue cooked on a choice of salmon or pork pulyardy. As well you will be pleasantly surprised by the choice of salads, hot appetizers and desserts.

 When ordering as a gift we give:

 -Meetings guests at the entrance with champagne, beautifully decorated on the glass table

 -Musical support

 -veduschego or DJ

 -Show ballet

 -prazdnichny cake

 -signing hall balls (the wedding)

 All the details can be discussed on the phone:

 952-41-04 (Marina)

 Kindly asked to negotiate with a banquet manager questions of the presenter, DJ, show-ballet



Chef "Literary Cafe" reveals the secrets 

Reveals the secrets and arranges a great fire show in the dining room!

 Especially for you, dear guests, cooking duck flambe with cognac with caramelized fruit and honey. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to a magical night of December 31, 2012 January 1, 2013 at the oldest restaurant in St. Petersburg, "Literary Cafe" 

 keeps the best traditions of the old days since 1816.

 -Vas Wait Beauty Christmas Tree,

- Funny and sparkling leading animators,

-Pozdravleniya Santa Claus,

-Konkursy, Games, surprises,

-Stage Soloists of St. Petersburg and the European scene,

-romansy, popular arias from operettas, popular songs and piano music,

-Tantsevalnye Interactive carnival rooms, fairy tales ...

 - Fiery Gypsies and folk instruments,

 - Magician magician

 - Disco, prizes and gifts,

 New-Year's feast in the 19th century recipe from the chef, real champagne and manor juice all night, one and all, without limitation, the kindness and warmth of the owners of one of the best salons in St. Petersburg.

- See you December 31, 2012, from 22 hours before dawn at Nevsky Prospect., 18.

Prices for a Christmas Festival 7500 rubles per person.

 312-60-57 tel  

   New Year's Eve at the restaurant "Literary Cafe"